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Inflection of chad

Word Type: Verb
Infinitive: chad
Present Participle: chading
Past Participle: chaded

I chad
you chad
he/she/it chads
we chad
you all chad
they chad
I am chading
you are chading
he/she/it is chading
we are chading
you all are chading
they are chading
I have chaded
you have chaded
he/she/it has chaded
we have chaded
you all have chaded
they have chaded
I have been chading
you have been chading
he/she/it has been chading
we have been chading
you all have been chading
they have been chading
I chaded
you chaded
he/she/it chaded
we chaded
you all chaded
they chaded
I was chading
you were chading
he/she/it was chading
we were chading
you all were chading
they were chading
I had chaded
you had chaded
he/she/it had chaded
we had chaded
you all had chaded
they had chaded
I had been chading
you had been chading
he/she/it had been chading
we had been chading
you all had been chading
they had been chading
I will chad
you will chad
he/she/it will chad
we will chad
you all will chad
they will chad
I will be chading
you will be chading
he/she/it will be chading
we are chading
you all will be chading
they will be chading
I will have chaded
you will have chaded
he/she/it will have chaded
we will have chaded
you all will have chaded
they will have chaded
I will have been chading
you will have been chading
he/she/it will have been chading
we will have been chading
you all will have been chading
they will have been chading