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2008-2-3 Moved server to Germany

2007-12-31 Limit translation results per page. Some background color.

2007-12-30 Ongoing back-end database work for the last couple weeks, and continuing.

2007-12-01 Repaired many superlative forms with additional "e". Added 1000 adjectives to database.

2007-11-15 Audibles on all words, not just header words. Popup balloons on translation results.

2007-11-02 Logo

2007-10-30 Blue background on website.

2007-10-28 German audibles added.

2007-10-25 English audibles added. Click on the speaker icon to hear the word pronounced. German coming soon as well.

2007-10-20 Detecting origin country and using it for initial language selection

2007-10-18 Installed online forum for the website

2007 Hiatus

2006-12-15 Website went live for the first time

2006 Original development project. Countless months dedicated to backend word database and technology.